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Hatha Yoga Natha Sampradaya


Do I need to do the modules in the order they are listed here, or can I start in any module?

The modules were designed within a didactic sequence and for efficient absorption of this knowledge we do not sell any modules out of order. 


Is there a live course?

No. Because Rajnath is secluded in India. He now lives in Rajasthan, India, and often travels to different parts of the world. For this reason, the online format is the only way to learn this knowledge.



If the course is online, how is the practice of postures (asanas)?

Yoga is meditation and self-knowledge. For this reason, the Yoga Training Course is 95% theoretical and philosophical. However, the 7 original practices of the Natha Yogis are passed on with the 84 traditional postures of Hatha Yoga. The support materials of Asana's workbook guarantee the correct execution and are so well explained that, until today, no one had any problem with how to execute them. Such handouts have images and detailed technical descriptions of asanas. This is the traditional mode of individualized master-disciple teaching in Natha's ashrams in India, where what has become famous in the West as “postural group practice” does not exist.

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