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Hatha Yoga Natha Sampradaya


We offer YOGA TEACHER TRAINING and a SPEED COURSE on the Secret Yoga of the Himalayan Yogis.

Learn yoga definitively, deepen your knowledge, and become one of the greatest Yoga teachers in your country.

Learn Hatha yoga BEYOND asanas!

Yoga Programs

  • THE SECRET YOGA OF THE HIMALAYAS - A Speed course introducing Hatha Yoga from the point of view of a Himalayan Monk of Natha Sampradaya. The tradition where hatha Yoga came from.

  • YOGA TEACHER TRAINING - A complete course for beginners or experienced teachers looking for a deepening on Hatha Yoga. A course where you will learn how Hatha Yoga really works and all the knowledge from the best Gurus in India, including Gyana Yoga. The Yoga of Self-Knowledge.

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