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Yoga Teaching Training Course on Hatha Yoga
by Natha Sampradaya

I invite you to take a training and deepening course with more knowledge than ANY other Yoga course you've ever taken in your life, either in your country or EVEN IN INDIA.

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Take the Best Western
Hatha Yoga Course

Learn how the real Hatha Yoga is practiced by the ascetics of the Himalayas (a course unlike anything known as "Yoga" here in the West) and graduate with the first man from the Americas to become a sadhu (monk) in India and enter the Natha Sampradaya, the tradition from which Hatha Yoga emerged.


The teacher of this course is a pioneer who after years as a monk brought this knowledge to the 3 Americas and to Germany. Any other teacher who teaches the Hatha Yoga of Natha Sampradaya in any American territory or in Germany, whether a monk or not, was his student.



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This is a professional training course made for all different types of students:

Total beginners who want to get professional training in yoga;

Yoga teachers in search of direct knowledge from the roots of the tradition;

Yoga practitioners and lovers looking for personal development.

Caneca de bebidas e um laptop


People often take courses in Yoga Teacher Training and graduate with these courses full of questions and insecurities about teaching.

In this virtual model, you have access to handouts and they are yours to study and consult as many times as you want. You also have access to the recorded classes for an entire year after you graduate, so you can review them.

Do you want to really delve into the knowledge of Yoga?

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of the Course

Distance Learning - (ODL) 100% ONLINE


This course is fully online. You will have access to all the material through our online teaching platform, containing the module's workbook, photos, videos, and recorded classes.

Access to all the content of the recorded classes to review as many times as you want, with guaranteed access for 1 year after completing the course.

Upon completion of all modules, the student who wishes can acquire the International Certificate of Guru Yogi (Master in Yoga) issued from Rajasthan, India. This certificate allows you to teach anywhere in the world, including India.

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Christian Rocha
(Templo do Yoga blog)

Unlike what you see in "mystics" today, Rajnath's speech is not sweet, nor subtle. Rajnath knows that the quest for enlightenment does not allow mincing words, shortcuts, or indecisions. On the plane of enlightened masters, there is only light where darkness has been completely dispelled.

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Carlo Guaragna
Santa Catarina
(Carlo Guaragna)

The course I took with Rajnath was really a watershed in the study and practice of yoga, which I had already been doing for 5 years before starting to study with him. And apart from the richness of the content itself, what draws a lot of attention is also the richness as a person and I recommend this course to everyone.


Daniel De Nardi
São Paulo/SP
(YogIN App)

Studying with Rajnath is a privilege for me. The Training Course made me understand what Indian spirituality is and how Yoga is inserted in this environment. The course filled all the knowledge gaps I had and today I feel much more prepared both to teach Yoga and to talk seriously about the subject. Gratitude Teacher!"

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Hatha Yoga Natha Sampradaya
Conteúdo do curso

You will learn EVERYTHING about Hatha Yoga!


This course is based on the tradition of Natha Sampradaya, the oldest order of yogis in India. Hatha Yoga originated from this tradition. 

With no ties to religion, idolatry, and rituals, in the Deepening and Training Course, the knowledge of Hatha Yoga is approached in a secular way, with emphasis on the deep and distinct technical and philosophical vision of the mere New Age gymnastics taught in the West.


Although it is an in-depth course, there are no prerequisites and that is why it is indicated for lay people who seek professional training — as well as yoga lovers interested in deepening their knowledge and teachers in search of traditional teachings.

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