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Welcome to the
Hatha Yoga Course

by Natha Sampradaya

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Congratulations on joining the best and most comprehensive

hatha yoga course in the West and even India!

We are a worldwide school and our volunteers may be in a different time zone than yours at the time of purchase.

But do not worry!

You will receive our contact in the email registered with your purchase

within 24 hours. 

Here is some basic information about the course:



  • Every 30 days you will receive access to a new module, and we will notify you by WhatsApp so that you can verify your access;

  • Modules are usually released within 24 hours after payment confirmation and you will be notified by email or WhatsApp.

  • If you need to cancel or suspend your subscription, we require 30 days notice prior to cancellation.


If you have any questions, just contact us by email or WhatsApp and we will reply as soon as possible.


Once again, welcome to the Yoga Natha course by Natha Sampradaya and good studies!


Team Yoga Natha.

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